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Toolbox Series Sessions

I birthed the Toolbox Series Session at the height of the COVID – 19 pandemic in response to an energetic kick in the butt from my spiritual team. I was ready to relaunch and revitalize the #shewhobuilds community and was going back and forth on the best way to do that. I started with what I had – an amazing circle of women who have supported me in my own expansion and evolution, a Facebook She Who Builds group, and my close family and friends. I reached out to two powerhouse women to speak on manifestation and circulation, and the rest is a story I’m continuing to write .

The Toolbox Series is a monthly, 90 to 120 – minute, themed virtual session held on Tuesday evenings with topics ranging from manifestation to nourishing creativity to rewriting your life’s narrative to the art of relating to understanding the Moon to honoring mental wellness and more. It’s a nurturing space that fosters sisterhood, prompts deep reflection, and provides resources and practical tools to support you in your day-to-day life. The Toolbox Series Sessions ensures you have the spiritual, emotional, mental, financial, and social tools to support you in building your life with greater confidence and clarity. So, what’s in your toolbox?

Toolbox Series Testimonials

She Who Builds has allowed me to not only get better in tune with myself but it has allowed me to embrace a loving sisterhood that has been necessary during this pandemic season. All of the Toolbox Series Sessions are well thought out. I always learn something new and am reintroduced to myself. I am grateful for this platform.

~Adrienne Barr

The programming

“It seems that the programming for She Who Builds continues to up a notch and helps me feel better each time. Each guest speaker has been filled with gratitude and insight that is unmatched. I leave each session feeling whole and ready to use the tools mentioned in many areas of my life. I look forward to seeing what is next when it comes to programming. A lot of these sessions are worth a lifetime of growth!”

The community

“The Ladies within She Who Builds build me up not only during sessions and the Facebook group, but also throughout the day. The interactions are genuine and filled with grace. I love seeing each of them grow and build in their own sector of life. Not only is it inspiring, but also amazing to witness. “

The person

“DeAnna is a gem not only in her own space, but also within She Who Builds. From idea to implementation WITH intention has been her calling card throughout our interaction. I am excited to see how she grows this space into something even more special.”~Nadia Vanderhall, The Bands and Brands Group

A Day of Play

Play time is serious business.
~Cherron Keith,

Woods Girl Inc.

A Day of Play is a day for women to disconnect to reconnect to our joy, passions, enthusiasm, and creativity. It’s a day with the sole intention of relishing and delighting in the beauty, power, and splendor of being a woman, while allowing our little girl creative expression. It’s a day of self-care. It’s a day of celebration. It’s a day of healing. It’s a day of being. It’s a day of sisterhood. It’s a day for intentional time with Mama Nature. Activities have included inner child meditation, hula hooping, belly dancing, drum circle, womb oil making, and more.

The benefits of play have been tested, proven, and are numerous and include a boost to your immune system, increased lung function, lowered risk of heart disease, optimism, happiness, and more!

Wanna play? The next A Day of Play is Saturday, March 13, 2021, at Meditation Mount in Ojai, California! Save the date.

The R&R Experience

The Restoration & Remembrance Experience is a respite guised as a retreat. It’s an intimate four-day, three-night experience held in a remote location near Mount Shasta, California, during the fall season for women of color that provides ample space for participants to just BE. From vocal activations, to water healing ceremonies, to visits to the Mount Shasta Pyramid, labyrinth, and more, the activities of The R&R Experience are intentionally curated to provide you with time to rediscover your SELF.

The next R&R Experience is tentatively scheduled for September 29 – October 3, 2021. More details coming soon. Stay tuned.

R&R Experience Testimonials

She Who Builds is a powerful facilitator, light worker, leader and shaman who has a special ability and a profound gift of bringing women together for the purpose of deep healing and connection! The effects from the weekend are still resonating strongly; thank you again so much and I will definitely be attending the next R&R weekend!


Sincere gratitude to you, DeAnna, for your passion, purpose and for saying YES to this work! 😊 ~ 2020 R&R participantI love you. The best retreat I have been on thus far, hands down. Much of that is because of you curating and leading. ~ 2020 R&R participantIt was one of the best decisions that I made this year … I feel powerful and inspired by everyone I met; I feel like I’m on fire again to fully live my purpose. ~2020 R&R participantMy experience was life changing in ways that have manifested immediately, and in ways that I know will continue for a life time. ~2020 R&R participant

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