She who builds is...

 an empowering, woman-led community committed to creating spaces and experiences for women to manifest a Life they desire to lead, love, and live.

A space

An intentional container where women are heard, seen, felt and celebrated.

A community

A gathering of women committed to creating and living truthfully, beautifully, bountifully, blissfully, and brilliantly.

A remembering

Piecing together and honoring all the parts of one’s self to discover the unique mosaic that each woman is, fostered through reflection, permission, and awareness.

An Experience

Facilitating and supporting embodiment through clarity, intentionality, and walking the talk.

I Am

I Am completely equipped to live my fullest expression.

I Am ready to embrace my expansion.

The All is my Supply, my Source, and my Substance,

I Am always provided for.

I Am one with the rhythm of my soul.

I Am aware of and in step with the cadence of my heart.

I Am the temple, the bridge, and the portal of self-remembrance and Divine Identity.

I Am awake to and aware of the Truth of who I Am.

I Am.

I Am.

I Am.

~She Who Builds

What the community is saying

She Who Builds has allowed me to not only get better in tune with myself but it has allowed me to embrace a loving sisterhood that has been necessary during this pandemic season. All of the Toolbox Series Sessions are well thought out. I always learn something new and am reintroduced to myself. I am grateful for this platform.
Adrienne Barr
It seems that the programming for She Who Builds continues to up a notch and helps me feel better each time. Each guest speaker has been filled with gratitude and insight that is unmatched. I leave each session feeling whole and ready to use the tools mentioned in many areas of my life. I look forward to seeing what is next when it comes to programming. A lot of these sessions are worth a lifetime of growth!”
DeAnna is a gem not only in her own space, but also within She Who Builds. From idea to implementation WITH intention has been her calling card throughout our interaction. I am excited to see how she grows this space into something even more special.
Nadia Vanderhall