Healing Through Play Retreat

PLAY is my spiritual practice.

~DeAnna L. Carpenter

When stress and the demands of life are pressing you at all sides, the practices that bring you joy and ignite your creativity and pleasure are often the first to be sacrificed.

The truth is play is non-negotiable, a fact that is backed and supported by science and years of research. Play increases productivity, improves mood, deepens sleep and rest, and gets the body in motion. More importantly, play is a portal to healing. Healing is a portal to play. And when the two are acknowledged as partners in our respective journeys, then we open to live lives that are fruitful, nourishing, optimistic, creative, expansive, and reflective of our deepest desires and soul’s purpose. Through play, we are reminded that healing CAN be light. Through play, we are reminded that Life is Divine Play; how we interact with Life determines our experience of it.

A Day of PLAY was intentioned as a space that provides introspection, reflection, and access to tools, rituals, and experiences that support and facilitate deeper expressions of healing through the portal of play. Over 100 women have participated and experienced A Day of PLAY and 95 percent of attendees have shared about the positive and long-lasting effects of the day. It has become a part of several women’s self-care rituals with over 60 percent of attendees being returning participants.

Playshop sessions have included: Dance, Yoga, Drumming, Tai Chi, Sound Healing, Hypnosis, Reiki, Poetry, Watercolor Painting, Core Fitness, Perfumery, Sacred Hula Hoop, Cacao ceremony, Ojos de dios crafting, and much more.

And if that’s not enough to get you curious about Play, then let’s look at this play business from a metaphysical standpoint:
Play FEELS good! (Feeling is the secret to manifestation.)
Feeling good raises your vibration and frequency.
Raising your vibration attracts opportunities, people, resources, and experiences to you.

Play is essential because it alters and heightens how we FEEL. When we feel better, we are inspired into action. When we are inspired into action, our creativity is activated. When our creativity is activated, we are present and open in our hearts. And from this space of openness, we draw and magnetize to us all that we desire.

To celebrate the 10th A Day of Play experience, we will host the FIRST Healing through PLAY Summit in June 2025. Click HERE for more information and to be among the FIRST to receive details as they unfold.