About me

Who is She ?

“I cannot be defined or explained, only experienced.”

 ~DeAnna Carpenter

Hi! I am DeAnna! Welcome to my Web site. Writing bios for others is so easy (I serve as a freelance writer among many other things) yet I find it a bit challenging to share in a succinct way who I am. Yet, I’ll try.

To start, I was born and raised in Detroit and am the oldest of four (Translation: I broke the record in my family for a lot of firsts i.e. graduating from a four-year university, traveling abroad, starting a business, becoming a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., etc. I have strong Mama Bear tendencies which I attribute to being the oldest child). I earned my bachelor’s degree from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and my master’s degree from DePaul University in Chicago. I’ve worked as an interim executive director of an all-girls summer camp in Chicago (Camp Butterfly), worked as a copy editor and writer for newspapers throughout the country, served as a program facilitator at Girls Inc. of Orange County in Costa Mesa, and more. My life experiences are and continue to be rich and vast and all of it serves my why, my soul’s song, my heart’s work, my mission.

I love music. I released my first album, Tsunami (available on all streaming platforms), in August 2018 and am giving birth to my next project, Come Inside, to be released August 2021. Two of my favorite musical memories are performing on the Walmart stage at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center for the 2016 Essence Music Festival AND singing inside the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt (check out my music site for more www.dellesings.com ).

Who am I?

Well… I am an experience, honestly, and I love creating experiences for others (which you’ll learn more about on this site). Expansive and sweeping like the Sun, I am multi-dimensional and multi-faceted just like my birthstone, the diamond (yes, I’m a poet, too). Speaking of poetry, I’m the author of two books: Lessons from the Fall: A Book of Poetry and Inspiration and In My Solitude: Reflections from the Still Moments. Currently, I am earning my Kundalini RAJ Yoga Teacher Certification at Temple 143 under the direction of Siri Rishi Kaur in Brooklyn, New York. When I am not intentionally creating, connecting, and collaborating , I can be found curled in fetal position sleep with a journal, black ink pen, and three books in my bed, doing work in other timelines and dimensions. 

It’s so nice to meet you.

Emerge Coaching Experience​

“There is nothing for you to get; there is, however, much for you to allow.”

~DeAnna Carpenter

I’m not a fan of the word coach, although I do cheer and celebrate my clients on as they do the work of removing the obstacles that blind and block them from being their highest and best Self. I coined the term ‘Remembrance Doula’ because it feels more aligned to what I Am here to be and do – and that is to guide you in removing the blocks so that you can live a life that’s in harmony and alignment with your true essence. In other words, I Am here to support you as you remember who you are.


When I first reached out to DeAnna to be my coach, I wasn’t logically sure what to expect – but my soul innately knew I was in for a powerful (and necessary) journey – and trusted DeAnna as my priestess.

Our sessions are a divine combination of intuition, reflection, encouragement, and remembrance. If you know you’re on the verge of birthing the next level of yourself, DeAnna is the doula for you.

~Katie Hardaway

DeAnna is magical. The first thing I said after having my first session with her is “I have never felt so seen.” DeAnna holds space for you and only you. She does not interject with her own ideas of what she thinks you should be or do; instead, she holds up a mirror to help you remember who you are. I feel immensely supported by her and our conversations are so expansive. She will always be my spiritual doula.

~Amber Lodeesen

My approach is simple

I have created an experience that draws on my spiritual background and training, one that infuses Nature’s principles and wisdom with practical heartwork assignments, and more. Think of me as a guide, one who holds the space for you to come into awareness of your triggers, those hidden stories and beliefs, and old narratives that no longer serve you. Think of me as your spiritual and creative doula, one who assists you in birthing yourself anew – I’ll even sing to you during your symbolic labor. I’ve been told my voice heals.

So, if you’re looking for someone to support you in your journey home to Self and you feel a resonance or prompting to reach out, please do. You can e-mail me at info@shewhobuilds.com and we will set up an initial connection call.

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