About Me

I Am a conduit of Spirit, here to serve as an instrument and channel of wisdom, inspiration, beauty, creativity, love, curiosity, and enthusiasm. I am architecting a life that aligns to, inspires, and empowers holistic wellbeing, self-discovery, and self-knowledge in myself and in others. I create spaces and provide tools for self-realization, transformation, and healing through play, words, sound, and movement. The mediums I work with and express through are abounding. I cannot be defined or explained, only experienced.

I Am She Who Builds.

~DeAnna L. Carpenter

DeAnna Lynette Carpenter

Hello 😊 My name is DeAnna Lynette Carpenter, the woman behind this community and the heart of this ever-unfolding and metamorphosizing vision known as She Who Builds. (Speaking of metamorphosizing, please give my song Metamorphosize a listen. You’ll love it!)

I Am a student of life and a deep admirer of Beauty, Wisdom, and Joy. I live for creating spaces and experiences for women and men to disconnect to reconnect and am on a mission to inspire healing, which I describe as “a remembrance of and returning to one’s Truest self.” 

Through spiritual doulaship (individual and group coaching), domestic and international retreat facilitation, sound baths and healings, mindfulness and more, I Am weaving a web that supports soul remembrance and expression. I bring creativity, appreciation for beauty and innocence, a love of people and the land, authenticity, grounding, compassion, perspective, curiosity, enthusiasm, ceremony, presence, and wisdom to every space I encounter.

I Am the author of two books: Lessons from the Fall and In My Solitude, with three more books currently in utero. In 2018, I released my first album, Tsunami, and I am preparing to release my first sound healing offering, Dreams, followed by my second EP, Rise Again, in 2024. I am a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and birth doula, and am also a Teaching Artist with WriteGirl, a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles that provides mentorship through creative writing experiences and programming to young girls in middle and high school. And if the previously mentioned doesn’t keep me focused enough, I am a program manager at Frontline Doulas, a perinatal health program connecting Black families with Black doulas.

Life is the sweetest, richest, and varied experience one can embark on and with the time I Am here, I intend to keep playing, celebrating, experiencing, allowing, leading, loving, living, and creating a life that reflects the joy in my bones, the wisdom of my soul, and the vision of my Heart. Thank you for being here. I love you.