Get Loved up retreat


” You are essential.

You are right on time.

You are an intentional and significant expression of the Divine. ”

~DeAnna Lynette Carpenter

The Surrender Guide

Who am I and why am I here are two of the most universal questions that everyone at some point has asked. Many have spent years looking for the answers in relationships, jobs, through career changes, programs, trainings, education and degrees, solo and group travel, and the like with little results and minimal lasting success.

Did you know the answers to both questions are closer than you realize? Did you know that accessing these answers has less to do with getting and everything to do with allowing … to surrendering?

The Guide to Surrendering goes into depth and detail on the four tips offered during DeAnna’s Get Loved Up Virtual Retreat session, Surrender to Your Soul’s Song.

Through a series of declarations, writing prompts, and reflection exercises, this guide provides a framework that will support you in remembering your soul’s song and singing it confidently, powerfully, and purposefully. You will also receive a bonus tip that will pull together the other four tips, providing a cohesive and intentional space for self-discovery, self-identity, and self-remembrance.


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