May upon waking, you feel wrapped in the arms of Love.

May each time you close your eyes you feel surrounded by a legion of angels.

May you trust your heart and honor your voice.

May you remember you are divine and an integral universe within the universe we call Life.

May you smile deeply and laugh often, as this is the medicine for the heart.

May you feel held and supported, even during the moments when you feel most lonely.

May you celebrate yourself and acknowledge every step that brought you here.

May you trust that even when it doesn’t seem or feel like it that everything is always working out for your highest good.

May your peace be impenetrable and your faith in Self unshakeable.

May you know what it feels like to be accepted, embraced, and loved unconditionally, unequivocally, and unapologetically as you are.

May you always create space for what and who feeds your soul, heart, and mind.

May your pockets be so deep in order to receive the wealth and abundance rushing towards you.

May you know that you are worthy.

May you know that you are appreciated.

May you know that you are respected.

May you feel enough…more than enough, really.

May you walk into a room with the confidence, royalty, and assurance of 100 lions.

May you know that someone looks to you for inspiration and that to someone, you are the light of joy.

May you give bountifully and freely, knowing that your receiving is equivalent to your giving.

May you acknowledge every win and seeming loss-the Universe loves a grateful heart.

May you give everything you commit and say “yes” to the very best of you.

May you always be open to learning and growing beyond what you think you know.

May you remember the journey is less about getting and more about allowing what’s already within you permission to be.

And when everything seems to be failing or falling away, please remember and rest in the truth that love always has the final say.

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