Join us
as we celebrate
the TENTH season
of A Day of PLAY for the
FIRST Healing Through PLAY Summit
Coming June 2025!

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PLAY is life. As we give ourselves permission to courageously return to this natural resonance and state of being, our lives transform, bringing us back into realignment with joy, creativity, passion, pleasure, imagination, wealth, health, love, peace, and overall well-being.

The Healing through PLAY Summit is an extension and expansion of A Day of PLAY РHealing through PLAY Retreat 

… that will focus on:
+ The Science of PLAY
+ The Spirituality of PLAY
+ The Embodiment of PLAY

The Summit will include “playshop sessions” similar to the ones that make A Day of PLAY so unique, panels, interactive “play” stations, circles, and more!

We are intentionally creating this experience and will be revealing more details in the coming months! Be in the know by signing up below to receive more information as it becomes available.

Looking forward to continuing to heal through play with you!


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