The Doors We Walk Through: A Female Journey

“My pure elation turned into sheer terror within a matter of minutes. It all became too much and I began to wish that I didn’t have a period. Why were women cursed with something so painful for the majority of their lives? Was this really the punishment we’d all suffer and endure because Eve decided to parlay in the Garden, while chopping it up over a shiny apple with a serpent? This just wasn’t fair.

I began to loathe my monthly period. For those seven days, my world indeed came to an end. I couldn’t or didn’t feel like going outside and playing with my friends. I wore the ugliest underwear. I’d silently curse the red bandit anytime I woke up and saw that my blood was on the sheets. I’d wrap my pad in the wrapper it came in and suffocate it in several sheets of paper towel to ensure nobody knew what was inside, only to toss it in the trash – forever out of my life. Until the next month where this narrative played out again. My period was a door I begrudgingly walked through every month. It was a door (where was the fire escape?) that kept leading me back to a sense of inconvenience, danger, unease, and mostly, disempowerment.

That is, until another door appeared.”
~excerpt from The Doorway to Womanhood by DeAnna Carpenter

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