About She Who Builds

She Who Builds is an empowering, woman-led community committed to creating spaces
and experiences for women to manifest a Life they desire to lead, love, and live.
She Who Builds was birthed during a time of deep introspection … a time of inquiry and attempting to answer the age-old questions, “Who am I? What is my purpose?” The year was 2010, I was 28 years old, and in the throes of my first Saturn Return. Nothing made sense and everything seemed to be unraveling. I was experiencing what felt like a deep identity crisis and I didn’t know which way to go or turn. I was attempting desperately to understand who I was and felt a deep, unquenchable desire to discover my calling and contribution to the world.
One night, in what felt like a bout of exasperation, I said aloud to an empty studio apartment, “I just want to be!” The tears immediately followed. Admittedly, I didn’t know what was meant by those five words and yet, I kept repeating them like the chorus to a favorite song: I just wanted to be.

A few nights later, while journaling, I heard the words, “Carpenter … She Who Builds … Carpenter … She Who Builds …” It was coming through like morse code and I wrote down the messages, immediately recognizing the connection to my name while figuring out how those words related to my desire to “be.” I feverishly wrote out everything I was good at and made diagrams of all my gifts and talents in an attempt to piece together this mysterious puzzle known as me. I had no idea the journey of self-discovery that would come in the years after that night. I had no idea the iterations and versions She Who Builds would undergo and how those transformations would mirror my own. I had no idea that night that She Who Builds wasn’t only me trying to figure out who I was and my contribution to the world – it would also serve and become a space for women to feel safe and supported in their desire to “be” and discover more of who they are – and what a beautiful unfolding it has been.

The vision of She Who Builds continues to reveal itself. What is clear and certain is this: She Who Builds provides the tools and space for women to ask those questions that lead to a greater discovery and embodiment of who they are through content and experiences focused on spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, financial, and creative wellbeing. It is my hope that any woman who interacts with, participates in, and experiences She Who Builds in any capacity will remember and see themselves as “She Who Builds” – a woman who is intentionally creating a life that honors her heart’s desires and creates spaciousness for her soul’s expression to simply “be.”

“Women are strongest when they are surrounded by women who vibrate at their level and higher. Those women who see you, provide wise counsel, celebrate you, lead you, and confidently allow you to lead them. A woman fully in her GodSelf knows her crown is permanent and relishes at any opportunity to be, create, and share space with those who, quite simply, are her reflection.”

~DeAnna L. Carpenter, She Who Builds

Take Up Your Space (A Prayer)

You being fully in your power reminds me to stand fully in mine. Me standing in my power reminds you to stand fully in yours. This is our sacred agreement, our responsibility to each other. Let us hold it in integrity and with love.

I know who you are, who I Am. Let’s Burn.

~DeAnna L. Carpenter, She Who Builds