Melodic Light Sound Healing

To sound is to listen.

Breathe in, breathe out and allow your body, mind, and spirit to surrender and simply let go.
Sound is a healer.
Sound is a clarifier.
Sound creates.
Sound is a rejuvenator, restoring you to a sense of wholeness while cradling you in tranquility.
Sound is in everything. Sound is everything.
Everything sounds.
Without sound, rhythm, vibration, resonance, life does not exist.

Quite simply, you are  sound. That’s why sound healings and sound baths (and music in general) leave us feeling so good, so heard, so understood, so centered, so seen, so alive, so nourished, so supported – it attunes us and brings us to a space of natural resonance and harmony. That is the beauty and magic of sound healings and it is the intention I hold when channeling and serving as a conduit of sound.

Although I play the instruments, I, too, am an instrument that is being played by The Master Musician. It is a trifold relationship, and like any relationship, it takes time, trust, intentionality, and impeccable listening right from the start.

I offer and am available for private sound healing sessions, group and corporate sound healing experiences, and domestic and international retreats and conferences. Each experience is unique and intuitive and features intentionally selected instruments that are intuitively played to clear stuck energy in your physical and subtle bodies, provide stability and grounding, and usher you into a deep and lasting sense of peace, clarity, and presence. Each experience includes a meditation/visualization, breathwork, 45-60 minutes of continual sound, and a post-sound grounding stretch. Instruments include quartz singing bowls, buffalo and ocean drums, chimes, rain stick, Atlantis gong, shakers, my voice, and more.

If you desire to schedule a one-on-one sound healing experience with me or would like to inquire into booking me for a private event, retreat, conference, or life celebration, please fill out the below inquiry form. Please allow up to 2 business days for a response.

I look forward to sounding with you and listening for you.

DeAnna was amazing and her voice was incredible. I loved all the different sounds. As she was doing the healing bath, I could feel pain in areas that had been bothering me, but they are gone now (my one shoulder and my wrist that I had hurt a year ago in Alaska). I also felt some healing in my heart area.
Thank you for an incredible experience at Meditation Mount. It was my first soundbath. I felt my chest cavity open with light and tears flowed when you starting singing, "Don't Give Up on Your Dreams." I'm still singing it.
~Kristin R.S.
“I’ve had the privilege of enjoying DeAnna’s sound bath session, and it is unlike any other I’ve experienced before. She incorporates a wonderful variety of instruments (including her amazing voice!) to stir up and navigate my energy and thoughts to a lovely place of relaxation. She intuitively understands what and who to bring close attention to, making it a unique and individual experience. If you are considering sound and vibrations to abound with greater joy and calmness, definitely get in touch with DeAnna. She is so talented, loving and truly sensational!”
~Chelsea J.