(12-week, one-on-one coaching)

“There is nothing for you to get; there is, however, much for you to allow.”

~DeAnna Lynette Carpenter

I’m not a fan of the word “coach” although I do cheer and celebrate my clients as they do the work of removing the obstacles that blind and block them from being their highest and best self. I coined the term “spiritual doula” because it feels more aligned to what I am here to be and do – and that is to guide you in removing the mental, emotional, spiritual, creative, and financial blocks so that you can live a life that’s in harmony and alignment with your true essence. In other words, I am here to support you as you remember and birth (or allow) more of who you are.

I have created a custom framework and experience that draws on my spiritual background and training, one that infuses Nature’s principles and wisdom with practical heart work assignments and more.

I incorporate:

  • Narrative writing, declaration statements, and storytelling
  • Guided visualization and meditation
  • Breathwork practices
  • Sound
  • Prayer
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Imaging
  • Energy work


Think of me as a guide, one who holds the space for you to come into awareness of your triggers – those hidden stories and beliefs and old narratives that no longer serve you. Think of me as your spiritual and creative doula, one who assists you in birthing yourself anew. I’ll even sing to you during your symbolic labor.

I’ve been told my voice heals.

If you’re looking for someone to support you in your journey home to Self and you feel a resonance or prompting to reach out, please do.

Fill out the below intake form and we will tune into how I can best serve you.

When I first reached out to DeAnna to be my coach, I wasn’t logically sure what to expect – but my soul innately knew I was in for a powerful (and necessary) journey – and trusted DeAnna as my priestess. Our sessions are a divine combination of intuition, reflection, encouragement, and remembrance. If you know you’re on the verge of birthing the next level of yourself, DeAnna is the doula for you.
~Katie Hardaway
DeAnna is magical. The first thing I said after having my first session with her is “I have never felt so seen.” DeAnna holds space for you and only you. She does not interject with her own ideas of what she thinks you should be or do; instead, she holds up a mirror to help you remember who you are. I feel immensely supported by her and our conversations are so expansive. She will always be my spiritual doula.
~Amber Lodeesen