Visualize Intend Pray New Moon Circles

Come and allow these prayers to feed and nourish you.

New moons are all about beginnings and initiations. While the Moon is still dark, this is the perfect time to till the fertile soils of our mind, determine the seeds we are planting, and begin to envision our intentions while working with the cycle and flow of the Moon. Each month, we are given the opportunity to work with the Moon’s cycle to create and complete on experiences we want to bring forth.

The Visualize Intend Pray New Moon Circle is a monthly, complimentary offering. These in-person and online gatherings provide a space for you to become clearer on your intentions, imprint those intentions through visioning, and seal them in prayer, thus creating the vibratory feeling and attracting the inspiration necessary to manifest them.

The VIP New Moon Circle is an offering of heart and a way for me to tithe and be of service. It is held either on the day of the New Moon, or one day of the New Moon (before or after). Please see calendar for the upcoming VIP New Moon Circle schedule.

Thank you for helping me lean into discomfort and resistance with the powerful prompts and prayer. Feeling lighter.
~Angela A.
I went to bed last night and woke up this morning in such gratitude and awe for our session last night. I am still buzzing from your prayer — you spoke things that have only been understood by me and God. You are a force! Jayda and I couldn’t stop talking about you. WHEW.
~Kaira A.