“Every man kills that which he loves.” ~Paulo Coelho,

I first read The Alchemist in 2008 after a very transformative and disruptive period of my life. The above quote jumped out at me and it put me in a space of self-inquiry and reflection. Have I ever killed something or someone I love? Sadly, I had.

The cause of death?

Me not feeling I was worthy of what and whom I loved. It was a hard pill to swallow yet one I was grateful to be aware of at that time. And 13 years later, I’m still grateful for the lesson. Lack of self-worth and feelings of not-enoughness have killed more dreams and possibilities than any other disease. I’m willing to put money on that. I’d also venture and say that issues around self-worth and enoughness are what trigger the physical manifestations of disease.

Disease, in my opinion, is a symptom of misidentification (separation). It’s an alert that signals, “Hey, something’s off! Something’s energetically out of alignment and harmony! Return to Center. Abort your current way of being and thinking!” And when we dig deeper beyond the manifestation and form of the disease, we discover that at the core of it was some misplaced belief that was allowed to take root. If we dig deep enough, we will see that issues around worth are buried down there, causing the pain and suffering that sometimes robs us of the beauty of Life. You are worth it. You deserve it. You are worth love, praise, adoration, celebration, joy, peace, abundance, and more because that is what you ARE. It’s what you come from. It’s your true identity.

Please stop killing what you love because you’re afraid you don’t deserve it. Did the Creator ever create something it wasn’t sure of? Selah. And as a creation of the Creator, what then does that say about you? I love you.

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